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GeekOS screen shots

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Screen shot A screenshot of GeekOS running the ae editor, which was written by Anthony C. Howe for the 1991 International Obfuscated C Code Contest.  I obviously ported the unobfuscated version :-).
First successful file read.
First successful file write.
Screen shot First successful file creation.
Screen shot A preview of the upcoming educational GeekOS release.  The screenshot shows a tiny shell program executing another instance of itself.  Features shown are virtual memory (including paging to disk and growable stack), floppy and IDE disk drivers, and a read-only filesystem implementation.  See our paper at SIGCSE 2004 for more details.
Screen shot A simple test of the IDE driver reading data from the hard disk.
Screen shot Demonstration of user-mode I/O.  The first thread reads lines of text from the keyboard and echoes them to the screen.  The second just prints out "B" over and over again.
Screen shot Another "A"/"B" demo.  In this one, the messages printed by the threads use the Print_String() system call, which copies data from user space.  The number "4" printed at the beginning is the return value from a system call.
Screen shot User processes printing "A" and "B" via the system call interface.
Screen shot First successful system call trap from user mode
Screen shot GeekOS crashes on an AMD 486 DX-2/80.  Interrupt 10 is the Invalid TSS Exception.  Thanks to Peter Gnodde for providing this picture (and for being the first person to attempt to run GeekOS on real hardware).  Peter has since reported that as of 10 Oct 2001 GeekOS does run on this machine.

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